What to do if your car key isn’t working?

We’ve compiled a list of steps to troubleshoot your vehicle when your car key isn’t working.

  • Test the car battery.
  • Is the security light on or blinking?
  • Change the battery in the key fob.
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  • Car Battery: The first step is to test your car battery. Often times if the car battery is weak, the vehicle will fail to start or unlock. A tell tail sign of a weak battery is interior lights not turning on or the dashboard not turning on when the key is in the on position or you press the start button.
  • Security Light: Almost all vehicles have security warning lights somewhere on the dashboard. This warning light can be on the cluster (gauges) or near the radio. The security light is often referred to as the immobilizer light or anti-theft light and can be green, orange or red. It may look like a small key, padlock, or car icon. Often times if the battery in the car or key fob is weak, or if the key is failing, the security light will stay on or blinking. In this situation we recommend contacting a local car locksmith to replace or repair the key.
  • Key Fob Battery: This mostly applies to push-start vehicles only. If your key fob battery is weak, the keyless entry (lock/unlock) will not working and you must open the car manually. To open the car manually, there will be an emergency inside of the key fob. This emergency key can be removed my pressing a button or switch somewhere on the key fob. After you have removed the emergency key, use the key on the driver’s side door cylinder to unlock the car. This cylinder may have a cover on it that can be removed by inserting the emergency into a small tab beneath the cover on the door handle and sliding the cover to the right. After you have opened the door and the key is still not starting the vehicle. Try using the key to press the start button or inserting the key into the programming slot. The programming slot is usually located in the glove compartment or center console.

If you want to learn more about your vehicle and don’t have the time to research what is required for your vehicle, or just need advice about what your best possible option is for getting a car key replacement, you can reach out to us by using our live chat feature or call 843-419-5397.

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