I get it. Nobody wants to call a locksmith. Some find it embarrassing, foolish, and extremely frustrating, but I can assure you, this has happened to everybody at least once. Ideally, if you have a spare, you are in the clear. Getting a spare key from a locksmith, when you have a working key, is far cheaper than when you have no key at all. Typically, when buying a spare key, it must be cut and programmed by a locksmith. But don’t fret, if you find yourself in a situation with no key, here’s what to do.
  • Research your key: A quick google search can determine the average cost of your key. If you are not in a rush, consider buying a key online. Be sure to do the proper research to ensure you are ordering the right key. If you take this route, be mindful that there are many different keys/fobs depending on your year, make, model, ignition type and even, submodel. Protip: Amazon sells car keys, remotes and fobs. If you do the proper research and find your key on Amazon, be aware that these are more than likely generic brands not original manufacturer keys. These keys may be shipped without batteries, correct transponder chips and other important components. You will still need a locksmith to cut and possibly program your key.

  • Emergency situations: In emergency situations, search local locksmiths in your area with many 4+ star reviews. Be careful of locksmith dispatch centers posing as local businesses. Be sure to ask to speak to the locksmith servicing your vehicle, to ensure their credibility and your safety.

  • Be prepared: Typical local locksmiths will ask specific questions such as, “What’s your vehicle’s year, make and model? What’s the type of ignition? Do you have any spare keys that may work the door and not start the vehicle? Where is your location? Is this an emergency?” Always be prepared to answer these questions and have the VIN number handy. This will help your locksmith determine if he/she can service your vehicle in the fastest way possible.

  • The pricing: Always ask what the final price will be for the locksmith services. Some shady locksmiths often charge hidden fees such as service fees, transportation fees, and add-ons when they get to your vehicle. Your experienced, local locksmith will be straightforward with pricing and know if he/she can service your vehicle prior to being onsite.

  • Avoid the dealer: If possible, avoid going to the dealership if you’ve lost your key. Dealerships typically ask for the vehicle to be towed to them, charge an hourly rate with additional service fees and price gouge the cost of keys.

    Call your local locksmith and set up an appointment to get your key duplicated. Trust me, it will save you time, money and a headache later. If you want to learn more about your vehicle and don’t have the time to research what is required for your vehicle, or just need advice about what your best possible option is for getting a car key replacement, you can reach out to us 24/7 by using our live chat feature or call 843-419-5397.

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